January 25, 2013

My Journey

Welcome, Welcome!

I'm so excited to finally launch my blog. It's been way too long since I first thought of starting it up and now I can finally use this as a platform to share all my fashion, beauty, and decor ideas + inspiration.

For quite some time I've been debating whether I should do this or not. I've loved everything about fashion since I was young. Not only do I love the clothes and accessories, I enjoy learning the ins and outs of the industry, what it takes to get a collection going, the process of taking a collection from the runway to department stores, adapting trends, networking with the right people in the industry, and many many other important factors.

I started becoming more and more interested in the industry after attending FIDM and graduating in 2010 with my A.A. degree in Visual Communications. Fast forward 3 years later, and I am still continuing my education; working on my B.A.degree in Fashion Marketing.

I hope you follow me on this unknown journey of style as I provide you with inspiration to live everyday fabulous.

P.S. To celebrate the launch of my blog, I am hosting a small but gracious giveaway to 2 lucky individuals. The gift is a surpise from Sephora!

To qualify:
1. Share the blog with friends on facebook.
2. Subscribe your email address to be notified of all new posts
3. Comment below what your favorite item in your closet is; whether it be shoes, a ring, a t-shirt, or hat.

I will select 2 random winners!
Good luck and thanks a million for stopping by.


  1. The AA easy jean!
    Congrats on your blog vanesser. I've been waiting for so long haha

  2. sparkle t-shirt
    It was a while ago that you told me you would post a blog im so proud of you vannie you did it")

  3. Congrats Vanessa!.....Hmm my favorite item I think would have to be my wedding ring, I know its cheesy but I love it :D

    -Rocio D

  4. Finally I will have something to look forward to reading all the time :D Congrats ^_^
    But like I said before I loooove my boots ^=^

  5. Congrats on your blog!! Looking forward to it, right now my favorite piece a flower print scarf I got in Florence, Italy. It's not name brand or anything but I love it!!

    -Denise Perez Zavala

  6. Thank you ladies and gent for the support ;)
    I'll be announcing the winner on Valentine's day! Stay tuned...

  7. hi vanessa :)

    I am excited to read your blog
    I am sure you will have fascinating things to talk about.

    My favorite item would have to be my blue v neck shirt
    i bought in echo parkpark

  8. Vanessa! I am current into my plaid alexander mcqueen slippers!

  9. Hello vanessa, so I saw your blog and everything I read was very interesting. I will love to get fashion ideas everyweek and I think this blog will be fun.
    My favorite item in my closet is a pair of red heels that I bough in jcp. I have a very small feet and is hard for me to find nice shoes of my size and that's why I love them so much and plus red stands out.

  10. Ericelda, thank you for the comment! I too have a small foot (5.5) and have a hard time finding shoes, especially since the smallest size a lot of stores carry is 6. It can be so frustrating, but I'll make sure to share any shoe finds in small sizes. What size do you wear?

    To everyone else, thank you for commenting!
    The giveaway ends Feb. 14th.

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