September 9, 2014

Disney Day

Hi there! Today's post is all about my visit to Disneyland and California Adventure as a late birthday celebration. My good friends Chelsea and Sandy decided to come along, we had the best day ever! Our first stop was California Adventure, I've heard so many great things about the new ride at Cars Land so I was really excited to try it out.
I loved the scenery that greeted us as we approached the ride. The faux Grand Canyon backdrop looked so real! The ride itself was so much fun, unfortunately our car lost the race but I still enjoyed the fast speeds and fresh air, great way to start a fun filled day.
Here's a cool shot of the setup at The Hollywood Tower of Terror. One of my favorite rides! I love the concept behind this ride and the creepy story they tell you before your elevator drops!

The lines were unbelievably short this day! By noon we were done and decided to head over to Disneyland.

Minnie and I right outside Soarin' Over California.

Our first ride at Disneyland was Space Mountain. I could not believe how short the wait was, actually...there was no wait time. It took us longer to walk into the ride than it did for us to board the cart. It felt too good to be true, no line for Space Mountain? Unreal!

 Every other ride was the same, no wait time! We picked the perfect day to go. One of my favorite rides at Disneyland is It's a Small World. I love the catchy song and get lost in the colorful setup they have inside. Just makes me so happy being inside.

 My friend Chelsea had been raving about the Dole stand and how good their soft serve was. I gave it a try and loved it! Unfortunately I also got the juice with it and felt overwhelmed with so much sweetness, but next time I know to just get one or the other.

and that is all! By 8:30 pm we were done with both parks, stopped at the Mad T Party and saw the Aladdin Show (Genie is hilarious! Highly recommend stopping by if you can). We got on every ride you can think of (minus Peter Pan, Snow White, and the spinning tea cups!). Hope we get spoiled again next time we go!
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!
Ps. I attended this past Friday, promise to have another "Let's Count" this Friday as scheduled. :) 

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