September 13, 2014

Target Does it Again

I make a target run at least once a week and at least once a week I'm reminded how much I lack self-control. I can't help it, there's always something that catches my eye. As much as I try to fight it, it's like the credit card machine pulls my hand to swipe my card!
Last week I ran across the "Lunch Money" wallet with credit card slots on one side and space for coins on the other. I had been looking for something that allowed me to carry my loose coins without becoming too bulky in my purse. This was the perfect solution, especially for only $6.99! I posted a picture on Instagram and then found out there was a black "Trust Fund" one, so I went to do some research and ran across a few more. I'd highly suggest you go out and get one, or all!
Find them all below (links provided)
Credit to for the perfect picture 

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