October 24, 2014

Costume Contest:Storm

Costume Contest:Storm

Recreate this look:
Eyelashes: Ulta | Belt: Amazon | Gloves: Amazon ($5.99!) |
| Jumpsuit: H&M| Wig: Amazon | Cape: Oriental Trading Co. |
(or buy fabric at your local fabric store for the cape) 
Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here, which means exactly one week until Halloween!! I LOVE this time of year because my favorite holidays are right around the corner.

I like making my own costumes every year, I've been the Bride of Frankenstein, Lady Gaga, a Peacock, Cruella Deville, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. This year's costume is still a surprise, but just know it involves a lot of fabric, ruffles, and even a dog cone. Yes, a dog cone. 
If you're a last minute costume shopper or like creating your own costumes, here's a great and easy idea to consider. I've suggested this costume to a few friends and family. Storm is my favorite X-men character next to Mystique. She's so powerful yet serene at the same time. I feel like her costume is so easy to recreate, just a few basic pieces like a black jumpsuit, a cape, and leather gloves. Oh, and don't forget her cool white hair! I bought a similar wig for my costume this year, it cost me $14.99 and the quality is great for the price.
Hope you all have a fabulous and safe Halloween. I'll share pictures next week of my costume and party! :)

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