October 10, 2014

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

Happy Friday! Today's post is a little different than the weekly "Let's Count" post. Instead of creating an outfit with 6 items, I'm showing you a list of fall essentials I think are perfec tot have in your closet for a fashionable fall season!

1. Dark Lip. My favorite at the moment is NYX Costmetic's Snow White, it's the perfect shade of deep red. 

2. Leather (or pleather) skirt. I once thrifted a black leather skirt at Goodwill and thought to myself, I'm NEVER going to wear this. The following season, I wore it at least once a week! This year I hope to find an affordable one in the exact color pictured above. I also love this burgundy one for under $15!

3.A floppy hat is a MUST have item to add to your fall wardrobe. I especially love wearing them when I'm having a bad hair day or just feel too lazy to style my hair. If you don't like the style, try a structured one such as this Fedora for under $20, last seen HERE

4. Knee-high or over the knee boots. I've been on the hunt for the perfect (but affordable) over the knee boot for over a year! It's hard finding a pair that fits my skinny legs :/ 

5. Flannel. What's fall without a few flannels? I especially love them in darker colors like hunter green, red, and navy blue. Like thisthis or this

6. Leopard. Because leopard is a neutral, you can wear it any season. Having the perfect leopard heels in your wardrobe can instantly jazz up any outfit. I have yet to find the perfect print. These might come close, but are unfortunately WAY out of my price range. These are a great alternative and look almost identical to the previous ones. 

What are some fall staples you keep in your closet?

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  1. I agree, a flannel is the perfect fall staple.


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