December 22, 2014

Everything Is Coming up Christmas

3 days until Christmas! Or 2 if you're like my family who celebrates it the 24th and stays up until midnight to open all the gifts! I'm so excited but also sad that the Holiday season will be gone in no time! Hope you are all done with your Christmas shopping! :)

Santa's Little Helper wanted in on some bow fun! {Socks from Kmart}

This is my new favorite accessory, a balloon reindeer headband. My Mom's job hosts a Holiday party for all of it's employee's children every year that's so much fun! They serve mini everything, burgers, hot-dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and towers of chocolate covered strawberries (that's my favorite part!). This year, 2 balloon artists were hired to make an array of holiday-themed balloon creations. I walked out of the party with a mistletoe headband and this one pictured below, talk about being a kid at heart ;)

I also attended my Mom's Holiday party as her date. I opted for all black with a hint of sequins thanks to this H&M pencil skirt I found on sale (similar HERE  )

 Next Holiday event was my job's party, this is my favorite event of the season (because of the yummy food that's served! Fun fact, I've known this Santa for over 10 years! He makes appearances every year and used to entertain me when I was a little girl at the children't party mentioned above. He's such a sweet guy, hopefully he'll pay off my student loans like I asked. LOL

| Sequin Dress (as a top) | Skirt: Lulu's  | Heels: Ravesh by Steve Madden | 

Earrings: Ebay

Matchy Matchy while wrapping gifts in my Reindeer sweater from Sasea Decor on Etsy 

See you soon! 

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