June 8, 2015

London Town

Ello lovelies! I'm officially done with school! Graduation took place 1 month ago and I got back from my Europe trip about a week ago. Today I'm sharing a few snaps I shared on my Instagram (@Stylishsenorita). I travelled to London and Paris as part of a short study abroad trip and spent 4.5 days in London and 4 in Paris. The next few pics are from my stay in London. We had a BUSY scheduled to keep up with but tried to enjoy and explore the city as much as we could when we had free time.
I was not too excited about being in the air for 9.5 hours. I must admit, I'm terrified of flying. I get so anxious being in the air, I always think of all that could go wrong! I tried distracting myself with a magazine and a few movies. Before I knew it, we landed in Heathrow Airport and our adventure began!
We met our first guide at the airport and after leaving our luggage in our hotel, we headed to our first walking tour in the city. We also experience our first Tube ride! Underground public transportation is so easy to navigate in London!
One of the most rewarding experiences while in London was getting to visit the Burberry headquarters! Because our trip was part of a class, we had a few industry professional appointments lined up. One at EDITD and the other at Burberry. (Below is their flagship store locate don Regent St.). Both visits were so insightful and inspiring!

The rest of our trip consisted of more tours and visits to popular monuments like the London Eye, Big Ben (which is actually the clock not the tower, who knew!) Windsor Castle, and Buckingham Palace.

 On our last day in London we visited the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the V&A Museum. On display were some of his best designs from collections dating back to the 90s! My favorite collection of his has always been Plato's Atlantis. We were told no pictures were allowed but I had to snap one as I left the exhibition. How perfect is this shot?! Later that evening we also enjoyed the McQueen play at St. James theatre.

One evening we ended up in SoHo after a little shopping at Liberty. We stumbled upon alley ways crowded with young professionals who were mingling with friends and enjoying a beer. We decided to hang out for a while there and had dinner at The Diner pictured below. I had the BEST baby back ribs there! (yes, in London) 

Stay tuned for a few pictures from my visit to the City of Love!

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