August 4, 2015

Stripes and Straps

Ooooooooh child! Let me tell you about the evening I had yesterday (when I wore this #ootd, btw).
 My boyfriend and I are always on the hunt for cool locations to shoot my outfit pictures. I remembered this particular location and we decided to do the 5 minute drive from home. As we get there and get out of the car, we see a woman walk past us and didn't really pay her any mind. A few minutes later, she walks back again and says "fashion something", I couldn't hear the 2nd word. I smile and continue posing. A few minutes pass and a woman on a bicycle is coming my way, I move over and as she gets closer she asks "What time is it?", I look at my watch and say "6:30, oh no! wait it's 7:30!" she says thank you as she rides by and continues her way. 2 seconds later I hear a "BOOM" and look back to see she's been hit by a white car!! I panic, grab my phone, and walk to the corner where she's laying in front of the car. As she's getting up I'm asking her, "do you need an ambulance?" and get no response. I think she was in shock for a moment because I asked her 3 times! Finally the driver pulls over and I dial 911. The operator picks up and is no help at all! I'm going back and forth trying to figure out if the woman needs an ambulance and in the time I'm on the phone the first woman we saw is talking to my boyfriend. All I hear him say is "It's public property" because I'm too busy trying to tell the operator that the woman is in shock and probably doesn't understand that she needs to be seen by someone. I hang up after I'm done and see the other lady (first one) walk away. I ask my boyfriend what was going on and turns out she was questioning why we were taking photos in front of her building! Mind you, we're not touching it at all, we're simply on the sidewalk with it in the background. My boyfriend kept telling her there was no special reason why we were there and that where we were standing did not belong to her. By the time I got off the phone the woman had walked to speak to the driver and the woman that was hurt. In the end, I concluded that the first woman was probably related to the young man that hit the woman and became angry because I reported it to the police.
Whew!! What an evening right? Anyway, this is her beloved building. I like the black bars, mirrored windows, and greenery. Hope she doesn't mind me posting them! LOL
♥ Top: Elle by Kohls (old :( A few other options HERE, HERE, and HERE)
♥ Black Denim: Target
♥ Wedges: F21, $30! 
♥ Clutch: YSL
**reminder, all items listed in pink are clickable links**

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